Q&A and Resources about Calvinism

Question: You have wasted so much time researching and writing about Calvinism that you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Aren’t Calvinists Christians? Isn’t it shameful to cause division in the body of Christ by arguing over moot points such as predestination and total depravity? Please respond.

Answer: I can’t confess either to having wasted time on this subject or that it involves “moot points.” In fact, I believe it is of the utmost importance and I am astonished at the unwillingness of the vast majority of Christians either to take the time to study it or to recognize the basic issue. What is the basic issue? It is the question of whether God truly desires for all men to be saved and gave His Son to pay the penalty for sin and thus has made salvation available to all who will receive it—or whether God created billions of people and predestined them to eternal punishment whom He could just as well have brought to heaven. I don’t think anything is more important!

Calvinism gives atheists a legitimate reason to reject a God who causes a select elect to believe the gospel but deliberately places billions outside of His “irresistible grace” because He wants them to suffer for eternity. That is not the God of either the Bible or of the conscience that the true God has given to all mankind! This is the issue, and the reason we titled the book What Love Is This?

Q&A with Dave Hunt – The Berean Call

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