Jacob Prasch offers METATRON altar call – salvation from the Metatron!

My own video includes email exchanges that expressed my deep concerns as well as email replies from other ministries I reached out too regarding this teaching (all whom absolutely rejected this teaching in any form) please watch these videos attached further down. Some ministries didn’t reply and as I looked further into their teachings they have hosted or sponsored Moriel TV in the past. Breaking the silence on this blasphemous teaching that Jesus is the Metatron. You will not find any references to the Metatron in Scripture- although Prasch will claim Metatron is found in Scripture using Greek literary gymnastics. You will find it in Talmudic and Kabbalah occult writings. And the Metatron is NOT a Christophany or “an evangelizing Hasidic Jews technique” as the refutations have tried to appease the masses. Prasch will be so arrogant to claim one needs to understand (learn) the Talmud to evangelize Jews, and likewise understand Mormonism, Roman Catholicism et al “to witness” and my concern is while all of that knowledge is absolutely beneficial, what about the Holy Spirit who dwells in every born again believer? Does the Holy Spirit not teach, guide, equip a believer to be witnesses for Jesus Christ? Does Prasch even recognize the demonic influence that what he’s saying has had inadvertently (or intentionally I cannot discern a mans motives) discouraging “less intelligent” believers to share the gospel?

I encountered this teaching last fall and a stir on YouTube was going around then challenging Jacob Prasch (one youtuber among a handful challenges this teaching last fall here and here ) addressing his pathetic refutation which he has refined a bit this time around regarding this teaching. This whole time I have remained silent. Why? Well because of the threats of attacks legally and otherwise when people have spoken up about Moriel TV and company. Once again this teaching and the defense of it has resurfaced. I will be making a video regarding the concerns I expressed to Moriel TV and company and their replies to me. I should also warn you of what is going on now in the YouTube world with this resurfacing which is one false teacher exposing the other and the real issue (s) at hand never being addressed. It’s a battle on YouTube and has become a “you know what match” between egos of false teachers. Meanwhile people are being led astray by all parties involved. Being warned of Jacob Prasch by false teacher (s) of Calvinism , Lutheranism and many other heresies drawing the naïve and simple from one false way to another! Be warned! As you search this out on YouTube it’s deception enveloped in deception.

It is time people start following what God has said and stop this cultish posturing. Prasch has been admonished more than twice now about the Metatron being IN scripture (Revelation 5) as he has claimed. What does the Bible say? Titus 3:10 – 11 “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition REJECT; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.” Who are you following? The Lord or man?

Excerpt from Moriel Ministries 2009 September quarterly newsletter entitled “Abraham’s Journey”

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